The Astra 2E footprint
Reception reports
The dish sizes you need for BBC & ITV
Things your installer didn't want to tell you
Dish Secrets
Five things your installer didn't want to tell you
Get the BBC back
Ten ways to improve your reception
Alternatives to satellite
Lost the BBC?
Alternatives to satellite


Satellite & Transponder info
Flysat Lists all frequencies and transponders, frequent updates. If your favourite channel has suddenly disappeared, look here
Satellite dish set-up
Satlex Calculate elevation, azimuth, and skew for any location at this very useful site
Dishpointer Genuinely brilliant website combining data from Satcodex and Google Maps
Reception problem solving
Steve Larkins Reception faults and how to deal with them

LNB & Feedhorns
Invacom Manufacturer of the leading brand of LNB. (low noise block- the bit at the front of the dish) Recommended LNB: Quad Universal C120 QDF-031. Use with a ChannelMaster feedhorn on an offset (oval) dish, or Invacom's own feedhorn on a prime focus (exactly circular) dish. Their other LNBs are not as good for fringe reception but all have good build quality and perform well in difficult conditions.
Inverto Inverto's Black Ultra is the one to buy. Other models are just average.
MTI Not all models available in all territories

Maps & footprints
SkyinMadrid Our reception reports

Technical support
Amstrad Manual for the Amstrad Sky+ HD DRX 780
Samsung Manual for the Samsung Sky+ HD receiver. Also good for the Pace Sky+ HD box, which is nearly identical.
Pace 2600 CI Download the manual for the best Sky box for fringe reception, now discontinued. Valid also for the Pace DS 430n
Sky Help Centre Sky's own help pages

Sky The official site
Freesat The official site
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Some useful information on Freesat.